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SSECHS Membership


Members are required to register themselves in the applicable category by paying the required registration fee.

The General Body approved the following five categories of the membership of the society, namely:

  1. Permanent
  2. Entitled
  3. Honorary
  4. Temporary/ Non Entitled
  5. Commercial Member

Permanent Membership

All employees ( Serving, Retired and heir of deceased) of the Senate Secretariat, irrespective of their nature of appointment shall be eligible to become members of the society on permanent basis.

Entitled Membership

All employees of the National Assembly Secretariat shall be eligible to become members of the society as Entitled Members.

Honorary Members

All members of the Parliament of Pakistan ( existing or former) shall be eligible to become members of society as honorary members.

Temporary/ Non-Entitled Membership

All other shall be eligible to become Temporary Members of the Society.

Commercial Members

All Pakistanis booked through the Investors shall be eligible to become the Members of the society. However, the construction of plot with and without development charges shall be mutually agreed among them and their booking authorities, but with the condition that it shall not be less than the price approved by the General Body in its meeting on 11th June, 2005.